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  This is an article / section of Goldentowns, a town construction, political and military simulator in wich virtual gold can be exchanged for real cash, at a fixed rate.  
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GoldenTowns - Why not? + How to ...
written by 7 years ago by DALlBOR from Romania
GoldenTowns - Why not? + How to have a solid start - key ingredients. If you play online games anyway, at least choose one that offers you the possibility of earning REAL MONEY or even GOLD!

I\'ve been playing another game for more than 7 years (Age in that game: 2,682 days) and earned BILLIONS of virtual Dollars in that game. Sounds nice, and I keep playing it, but I\'m a bit disappointed because that\'s only virtual money, and I don\'t have a way of converting it into real cash. Think how much I could gain if I could exchange the virtual Dollars to real ones even with a ratio of 1.000.000 to 1. Considering that I have about, think about how much I could to receive IF conversion would be available. But it isn\'t...

A few weeks ago, I found the logo of this game on a website and thought: why not? I (as many others) have been playing quite a few online games and even spent some money there, to gain advantages. Next step was to signup and go through the tutorial - quick and easy, just the way I like it :).

The next thought was: if I would have found a game exactly like this one 7 years ago, how much would I have earned until now? I don\'t even want to think about that, because the best case scenario is: I get the worst possible headache, and the worst case scenario: depression :(.

Let\'s talk about happier things now: first days and first mistakes :). The first impulse was to create additional production buildings and houses. What do you think the result was? Exactly! - I was heading towards bankruptcy. It\'s a good thing that the game creators thought about the fact that there would be fools like me and implemented some measures against total failure when they designed the game.

Then I started thinking what would be the best way to evolve. The answer to that is quite simple: you have buildings that don\'t degrade over time. Did you notice that? Why not build a solid foundation with those buildings and expand around them? That\'s when I started upgrading the production buildings (lumber mill, farm, etc.) and basic services (houses, market).

I know it\'s tempting to use the market you have built during the tutorial, but the best place I found for a market was near the main housing area, right across the middle row of houses. That market needed to be upgraded so I had to build a police station near it and then make the upgrade. Now all my housing area is covered by the market AoE and I\'m able to upgrade all the houses, without having to worry about repairing them. The only things I need to repair are two cheap buildings: market and police station.

Summary and free advices:

- upgrade initial buildings (the ones that don\'t decay) as much as possible

- if you want to earn gold fast, you\'ll have to invest some money

- you can earn gold without investing money, but it will take longer, so be patient

- keep in mind that even though you can earn REAL GOLD/CASH, GoldenTowns is a game and have fun playing it!\"Laughing\"

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