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  This is an article / section of Goldentowns, a town construction, political and military simulator in wich virtual gold can be exchanged for real cash, at a fixed rate.  
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Tips for beginners
written by 7 years ago by Skydrive123 from Czech republic
In this article, I will cover my progress, observations and assumptions of the first week in game, and try to help people to avoid the mistakes I did :)



so you start, after finishing tutorial, you are wondering what you should do. I will try to help you with that and share my observations with you.


First - If you want to stick to this game, plan out your city. Dont just recklessly start building(like me) and producing things. For the planning, in the L shape, you will need to build all the influence building, in order to get your 6 houses to the max level (so that you have enough room for rapid progress and enough happyness to do everything in this game).

So, that, combined with the market and house from tutorial leaves us only a few spaces for new buildings so we need to carefully plan it... more on that in my next article.


So as we have the basic layout now, lets start doing something:) - I would advise you to start the production of vegetables, meat, stone, wood(lvl2) and workers immediately and to start upgrading the road towards the houses which are on the same row as graveyard - and also, to upgrade the row of road near the production buildings and houses.


After that, I think its best to proceed with building another market in the opposite spot of the middle house in the graveyard row.


So till you still have unskilled workers to work in them, upgrade production buildings(again, only vegetables, stone, wood and possibly meat because clay and iron are not worth upgrading). And when you run out of them, upgrade houses and repeat. :)

\"Well, okay, but how do I get clay and iron then?\"

Thats easy, just go to market and exchange other resources for that (for example, you want to buy stone for iron, so in the market you will set iron in the left column and stone in the right one, then put in the number of how much you want to exchange and hit okay - complete captcha and you are done).


Do not build goldmines, although its tempting, I done it and it really is not worth the resources in the beggining.


Hope this helped you a bit, if it gets approved I will followup with part two, detailing future progress :)

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