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  This is an article / section of Goldentowns, a town construction, political and military simulator in wich virtual gold can be exchanged for real cash, at a fixed rate.  
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Real beginners guide!!
written by 7 years ago by mackon999 from Slovenia
GoldenTowns Info is a blog site dedicated to the flash game GoldenTowns.

To upgrade or not to upgrade, this is one simple action yet difficult to execute due to our own imagination. If you\'ve just started playing GoldenTowns and have been snooping around the forums or general guide/faq section. You\'ll be able to spot that in the first few weeks of your GoldenTowns adventure, you should not build any new production buildings! This is so true due to the mechanics and unique upgrade hierarchy that this game has.

Then comes the main question, what do you upgrade first? Where should the first upgrade be? Should the focus be on the market and the house that the horrible tutorial has left us with, or should it be on the roads, production buildings and the six houses? Well the truth is, there\'s no one right answer to this since in order to have the best possible town developed would require quite a number of trial and error process.

But, one thing\'s for sure and that is balance! In order to develop your town pretty well, you\'d have to find the perfect balance between upgrading, collecting resources, and energy saving! Obviously, this balance is for those who wants to play this game without investing a single penny.

To execute this balance, you\'d have to have your own understanding of the upgrading mechanics in GoldenTowns. Here, I will list in order from the most important to the least:

  • Upgrading roads is the first key factor to upgrading your buildings.
  • Upgrading houses is the first key factor to upgrading your production buildings as you require more workers to man a production building with each upgrade.
  • Upgrading production building is the first key factor to upgrading your roads as you need to have a steady flow of resources to ensure you can keep up with the upgrade costs! (Do you start to see how it\'s all in a loop? This is why I stated that there was no one right way to do it.

If you keep in mind this basic idea, I\'m very sure you\'d have no problem balancing your upgrades! But do take note of thenumber of clicks that you are executing as each click takes away one energy!



There are four different categories classifying the different kinds of buildings in GoldenTowns.

Production Buildings

These are the basic buildings that provide you with the ability to produce resources such as Vegetables, Meat, Wood, Iron, Stone, Clay and Gold.

Production Buildings includes:

  • Vegetables Farm
  • Animal Farm
  • Wood Factory
  • Blacksmith
  • Stone Quarry
  • Claypit
  • Gold Mine

Basic Services Buildings

Basic Services Buildings are buildings that either provide influence for other buildings to be upgradeable or are buildings that provide unique functions in the game. Unique functions includes the training of unskilled workers, resource storage and population upkeep.
Basic Services Buildings includes:

  • House
  • Warehouse
  • Market
  • Firehall
  • Hospital
  • Police Station
  • School

Luxury Services Buildings
Luxury Services Buildings are buildings that are similar to Basic Services Buildings, but are used to provide influence for higher tier(level) buildings to be upgradeable. Except for the Graveyard building, which acts similar to a House in the Basic Services Buildings, but for the dead.

Luxury Services Buildings includes:

  • Restaurant
  • Casino
  • Bank
  • Brothel
  • Graveyard
  • Church

Military Buildings

Military Buildings are buildings that provide you with the ability to produce troops varying from attacking, defending, to even reconnaissance units. The production of ammunition is also made available through the Artillery Factory and the storage of ammunition in the Artillery Warehouse.

Military Buildings includes:

  • Barracks
  • Artillery Factory
  • Artillery Warehouse
  • Military Academy
  • Defense Tower
  • Spy House

Upgrading of Buildings

General things to take note of when upgrading buildings (they may or may not require these combinations):

  • Buildings that require specific influence needs to be in the zone of influence of that specific building in order to be upgraded!
  • Road level next to the building needs to be upgraded and connected to the town hall before any building can be upgraded to the next level!
  • The amount of resources needed to upgrade the building needs to be met! (Duh, as if this isn\'t obvious enough!)
  • The availability of Unskilled Workers plays an important role as well! (This is very true in the case of upgrading a production building since an upgraded building requires an additional worker to man it and you need at least two Unskilled Workers to be available in order to start the upgrade process as GoldenTowns does not include both workers as working on the construction but only one and the other is reserved as being stationed on that upgraded production building!) [I know, this totally sucks for all the beginners out there! Not only do you need to spend more time constructing the building, you get confused as to where the other one went!]



There are ten different types of workers in GoldenTowns. Every other worker is obtained from training Unskilled Worker(s).

The different types of workers are:

  • Unskilled Worker
  • Hooker
  • Doctor
  • Teacher
  • Banker
  • Priest
  • Cook
  • Fireman
  • Policeman
  • Casino Worker



Market, the one stop paradise for all traders in GoldenTowns and where profit or loss is indefinitely dependent upon yourself.

Raw materials such as Vegetable, Meat, Wood, Iron, Stone, Clay and Gold can all be traded amongst one another. While workers, soldiers and artilleries can only be bought via gold, it is possible to sell your raw materials for gold once you have reached 60% happiness for your town.

The trade prices are always changing depending on the amount of goods that are being traded off each other, so what might be a 1 : 1 exchange ratio right now might not be 1 : 1 anymore within seconds.

Be wary when trading between raw materials as GoldenTowns has imposed taxation of 10% on goods that are attained by you.



Politics in GoldenTowns, including government system, state budgets, taxes and so on.

As if it\'s not complicated enough managing your town, GoldenTowns also has politics!

If you navigate under the Politics tab in the game, you will be able to see which country your town is under.

Following that, the Legislation sub-tab shows laws that have been proposed by the government. GoldenTowns has made this game such that any town within a country with a happiness rating of over 90% will be included in the government. Governments can set taxes, offer bonuses or even trigger a war with another nation!

Under the Finance sub-tab, you will be able to see the country\'s raw material budget and recent transactions. Though the total amount of gold may not be visible from the Finance sub-tab, the country\'s gold budget is visible from the Gold tab.



Information regarding war on GoldenTowns, including initiating a war, attacks, pillaging, defence and tactics.

For those who love war, this is the page for you!

Wars can be initiated between towns or countries! Though I have no experience with taking over another town as I am writing this, the clear idea of initiating a war for many would be profit! Once you have successfully won the war over the town which you had attacked, you would be receiving 10% of whatever the defeated town collects, including gold!

There are two ways to attack, either by deploying troops or by artillery bombardment. Either way, the attacker has to place at least one unit in that town in order to initiate the 10% taxation of the defeated town once the war is over. If you think that\'s all to it then you\'re wrong, here\'s the fun part! As long as your one unit is staying at the defeated town to collect that 10% tax, the following town that attacks the defeated town have to fight your troops instead of the home team\'s defences. So you will have to fight off the new attackers if you still want to keep sucking on that 10% taxation! Still think you love war? If you still do, read on!

To initiate the war, you would have to either visit a town\'s profile page and click on the \"Attack\" button, or by initiating it from the War tab under the Attacks sub-tab. The later way would need you to specify the target name of the town in order to launch the attack.



There are a number of different ways of obtaining gold in GoldenTowns.

In GoldenTowns, players are exposed to a variety of ways to obtain gold. Either by exchanging goods in the market for gold, selling your workers for gold, selling your army, selling your shares/bonds, selling referrals for gold, buying gold from a gold trader and lastly by mining gold just like the way you collect goods from your production buildings. (If I do miss any ways of obtaining gold, please feel free to correct me by contacting me through the contact form and I will correct it asap, thank you!)

However, unlike the production buildings, the resources required is dependent on the amount of gold that has been mined for the past one hour of global gold mining activity. GoldenTowns came up with a system that automatically adjusts the amount of resources required to mine gold in order to set a balance for capping gold mining activity (specifically, if three gold is mined before an hour has passed, the resources required would be increased by 25% and vice versa, a decrease of 25% of the resources required if it takes the community longer than an hour to mine three gold.). So in other words, the more resources you have, the better chances you have in partaking in the gold mining activity each time since the amount of miners would increase day by day as more players join this game!

Though it may seem rather clear cut on how to obtain gold by mining, the journey to get a gold mine up and running is not so simple! In order to build a gold mine, you will have to ensure that your town\'s happiness is at least a certain percentage. (50% as stated in the website for now.)

EDIT: As of 11th of September 2013, I personally found out that there was no restriction on the percentage of happiness in order to mine gold! I have confirmed that this restriction was lifted by GoldenTowns for now!

And just like building a gold mine has its restrictions, the other ways of obtaining gold has its own restrictions too! Here are the summaries on restrictions for each different way of obtaining gold:

  • For selling your resources for gold, your town\'s happiness level would have to be 60%!
  • For selling your worker for gold, your worker\'s life span has to be above 30 days!
  • For selling your army for gold, your army\'s life span has to be above 30 days as well, along with the restriction that the army has to be in town!
  • For selling your shares/bonds for gold, you would need to have gold to buy them first in order to sell them!
  • For selling your referrals for gold, your referral has to be at least level 3!
  • For buying gold from gold traders, you would need real life money, isn\'t it obvious!?
  • For mining gold, you would need a town happiness of at least 50% and all the resources that is required to build the gold mine and the mining fee! (As of 11th of September 2013, I personally found out that there was no restriction on the percentage of happiness in order to mine gold! I have confirmed that this restriction was lifted by GoldenTowns for now.)
I will try to update this page with more details in regards to obtaining gold whenever I have more information on hand, so stay tuned for those updates!

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