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  This is an article / section of Goldentowns, a town construction, political and military simulator in wich virtual gold can be exchanged for real cash, at a fixed rate.  
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Beginner tips
written by 5 years ago by svenboy from Hungary
In this article you will be able to read some tips if your a beginner in this really great game!

Tips for beginners


To upgrade or not to upgrade, this is one simple action yet difficult to execute due to our own imagination.

To upgrade or not to upgrade, this is one simple action yet difficult to execute due to our own imagination. If you\'ve just started playing GoldenTowns and have been snooping around the forums or general guide/faq section. You\'ll be able to spot that in the first few weeks of your GoldenTowns adventure, you should not build any new production buildings! This is so true due to the mechanics and unique upgrade hierarchy that this game has. Then comes the main question, what do you upgrade first? Where should the first upgrade be? Should the focus be on the market and the house that the horrible tutorial has left us with, or should it be on the roads, production buildings and the six houses? Well the truth is, there\'s no one right answer to this since in order to have the best possible town developed would require quite a number of trial and error process. But, one thing\'s for sure and that is balance! In order to develop your town pretty well, you\'d have to find the perfect balance between upgrading, collecting resources, and energy saving! Obviously, this balance is for those who wants to play this game without investing a single penny. To execute this balance, you\'d have to have your own understanding of the upgrading mechanics in GoldenTowns. Here, I will list in order from the most important to the least:

Upgrading roads is the first key factor to upgrading your buildings.
Upgrading houses is the first key factor to upgrading your production buildings as you require more workers to man a production building with each upgrade.
Upgrading production building is the first key factor to upgrading your roads as you need to have a steady flow of resources to ensure you can keep up with the upgrade costs! (Do you start to see how it\'s all in a loop? This is why I stated that there was no one right way to do it.
If you keep in mind this basic idea, I\'m very sure you\'d have no problem balancing your upgrades! But do take note of the number of clicks that you are executing as each click takes away one energy!

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