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  This is an article / section of Goldentowns, a town construction, political and military simulator in wich virtual gold can be exchanged for real cash, at a fixed rate.  
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written by 7 years ago by jaseemashraf from India
Here you can read the basics how to start playing and earn more GOLD as possible....

First of all for begginers don\'t worry by seeing the game....this game is developed by Anno1777...In this site you can exchange your gold for real cash......


Always the price of gold changes here are the basic tips



             You need energy to do any activity.Every activity u done consumes one point of energy.If it ends you can\\\'t run your town.So becareful in running your town & don\\\'t waste it.At first level of production buildings you will loose one point of energy after every 3 hours in this way u will loose all of your energy in 3-4 days.Try to upgrade quickly so you can gain more products with less loss of energy



2.Production Buildings:

                                 You have six production buildings at start which includes Wood,Iron,Stone,Clay,Vegetables & Meat.Try to upgrade (wood,Stone,Meat & Vege) buildings first.Because u need them more.Please don\\\'t be foolish to make more buildings just upgrade them & you will got enough inventroy to run your town properly



                  More percent of happiness let your people more live long.Happiness increase with the increase in your houses or if you upgrade upgrade houses you need to make a market near them.Upgrade market to increase its area of effect so you can upgrade your houses at the bottom of map which increses your happiness so you can recruit new unskilled workers.But don\\\'t forget to upgrade your roads that likn your houses to town building.



          At the last most important thing in this game is GOLD.Yea gold for which we all are plying this awesome game.Make a Goldmine when you have 100 woods.You need(1points of all items like Like Wood,Iron,Stone,Clay,Meat,Vege) to get 0.01 gold in 24 hours.You can upgrade your mine so you can get better amount of gold.


thanks for reading and joining this website


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