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  This is an article / section of Goldentowns, a town construction, political and military simulator in wich virtual gold can be exchanged for real cash, at a fixed rate.  
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mistakes you must avoid at level 1
written by 7 years ago by melsanity from Philippines
every new player need a guide to help him in the first levels, but there is mistakes that you need to dodge no matter which strategy you are going to apply.

Hallo new goldentowns players..
You might have been reading a lot of tutorials to help you manage your town in this awsome game, i know, and by the way this is the right thing to do, but i want to give you my opinion on the wrong moves that you need to stay away from in the future hoping that my very little experience will help you.


Mistake number 1 :

the first move you need to do is building the market and here you must know that the best place is right under the middle house ... and here some player make there first mistake, dont chose a random place or you will be sorry later and you will build a secound market in the spot i told you spending more resources from both sides building and demolishing.


Mistake number 2 :

after building the market you need to upgrade your roads between the market and the city hall and here where you can do you secound. Do not upgrade unnecessary roads like the one between the city hall and the warehouse, or the one down to the farm because you are not going to need them at your first level. Remember that you first goal is to upgrade your houses so focus on the mission in hand.


Mistake number 3 :

at early stage you need a lot of resources especially wood and stone and here where you can make the third mistake. Do not run all of your resource building thinking that this is the right thing to do .. why?

1- you will be spending energy for nothing ( like runing the iron factory) and you will learn that energy is very importent.

2- you will be spending the resources you need .. how? (clay and iron need other materials like stone and wood, so you are throwing them by making iron and clay).


I hope that after reading this article you as a 1 level player will have a small idea about the things you need to avoid, and i will try to keep it up giving you a look ahead in other articles warning you about the future mistakes you might make when you level up.

stay tuned for the next articl

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