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  This is an article / section of Goldentowns, a town construction, political and military simulator in wich virtual gold can be exchanged for real cash, at a fixed rate.  
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GoldenBattles-the game
written by 8 years ago by zsozstoxi from Hungary
Hello . I show you the goldenbattles. The goldenbattles looks like goldentowns.

Golden Battles is a massive multiplayer online economy and war simulator game where you can transform your ingame succes into real cash. The action is situated in the near future and takes place on Earth.

As the name of the game suggests, players can make real money (\"gold\") by playing and battle for the survival of mankind. These battles, the most important in history, will be known as the \"Golden Battles\", the first time when mankind had to face the threat of mass extinction.

Spatial and temporal location allow using not only elements from medieval history (master-disciple relations, simple weapons, primitive transport, etc.) corresponding to a declining or technologically underdeveloped society, but also elements of the present and the future (advanced human technology, aliens technology, etc.).

This scenario allows embedding different events/names from 2013-2014, but featuring the past in the game. Various theories, ongoing researches, conspiracies can be found in the game as allusions, missions, activities as if they were already known from the past. Also the further evolution of the game, e.g. some countries conquered by more powerful neighbours, other alien attack waves, changing society and habits of people, battles for survival and a good position in the new society, or even fighting for fun will be credible even if it is not reflected in reality, as things are carried out in the future.


How to start?


Golden Battles is an economy and war simulator game, but in the first place your success depends on your social interactions. Get to know the other players, make friends here and invite the ones you already have. It\'s always much easier to play in a team and don\'t forget that even the longest travel begins with the first step.

As a new citizen you begin your journey with working and fighting aliens to increase your experience both in experience points and game knowledge. You should probably start by fighting the aliens in the capital, to raise your level. You can start your own companies, become a polician or even a warrior.

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