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  This is an article / section of Goldentowns, a town construction, political and military simulator in wich virtual gold can be exchanged for real cash, at a fixed rate.  
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first steps
written by 7 years ago by killam from Romania
Here is one strategy on what to do at first. It is ONE possible way to go. There are many more, but this is the one i used. Good, will be the judge of that.

Welcome to Cashtowns – first steps tutorial

I this tutorial we will try to give a few pointers to new players on what to upgrade first in order to achieve a better development. It is very important to understand that those steps take around 2-3 weeks so the very first thing you actually need is PATIENCE. Second and MOST IMPORTANT STEP:



your new town looks like this,


First order of business, start your production buildings (not ll of them, just vegetables, meat, wood and stone. Iron and clay you will need after level 3. So there is no point in hurrying them. Also bear in mind that at least for now generally one vegetable=one clay so if you need a small ammount of clay or iron u can always exchange surplus veggies or meat for iron or clay.


Construction steps

  1. first step: build a q2 road from the city hall down to the corner intersection and then go all the way to the last house on the bottom line.
  2. Build a market below the middle house. Now you have 3 houses that you can upgrade.
  3. build a q2 road around the production buildings
  4. upgrade vegetables, meat, wood and stone.
  5. Build a police station near the market and upgrade the market
  6. upgrade the first road to level 3
  7. upgrade the upper houses to q2 and the lower houses to q3.
  8. upgrade the clay pit to level 2
  9. so on. Try to mantain a ballanced upgrading between production, roads, houses and warehouse capabilities.

You should read the buildings tutorials  to figure out the requirements for each step.

Also i recommand to all players to read all the info they can get, take a nice sheet of paper and a pencil and draft out a strategy. There are so many possibilities in Goldentowns to develop that it is next to impossible to say that strategy x is the only way to go.

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