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  This is an article / section of Goldentowns, a town construction, political and military simulator in wich virtual gold can be exchanged for real cash, at a fixed rate.  
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Things to do in this game!!
written by 7 years ago by samuel from Indonesia
I found this game is wonderful. I just want to share how to build our city and earn money (or gold) through this game. Let\'s do it

After we login and finish the tutorial by Maria (our guide in this game),

As we see that we are given 6 Production Buildings (locate accross the city hall) to produce 6 raw materials that are needed to build and feed people in this game. (Vegetables Farm to produce vegetables, Farm toproduce meat, Wood Factory to produce Wood, Blacksmith to produce Iron, Stone Quary to produce stone and Claypit to produce clay).

We are also given 1 city hall (city hall is used to recruit worker), 7 houses (6 houses locate on 1 square on most bottom on screen, 1 house locate beside the city hall), and 1 market locate beside 1 house (1 row with city hall) and 1 WareHouse to store the production, also 1 graveyard beside the WareHouse, and we are also given road grade 1 in some area. 

1. We must start to produce vegetables (it\'s free). Vegetable farm locate straight the cityhall (most bottom)

2. Then start produce meat, wood and stone.

3. Upgrade all the road (from the city hall straight, left and right until most bottom) from grade 1 to grade 2 (upgrade on the most right (bottom) near houses)

4. Produce worker (click on city hall and add worker) We must do it regularly, otherwise we can\'t build / upgrade, because lack of people to work

5. Build in front of the 3 houses (empty land) a market, and left with no worker there

6. Upgrade the houses (3 on the most right /bottom) to level 2

7. Upgrade all production Building to level 2 (while keep on producing)

8. upgrade all road to level 3, and houses to, while keep on producing.

Keep on eye, that everytime we upgrade/producing, we are loss 1 energy, so be carefull. energy will recharge 1 every hour.

Producing or upgrading to level 2 takes 6 hours, and 9 hours for level 3, 12 hours for level 4, and 15 hours for level 5 (the highest level except for houses)

Keep upgrading houses until level 10.

Don\'t build any building except I mentioned above.

We need clay for building road and level 3 up

And we need Iron for level 3 up

Maximize all given building (production building, houses and city hall.

Then I will write again

Happy gaming and collect money

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Things to do in this game!!
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