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  This is an article / section of Goldentowns, a town construction, political and military simulator in wich virtual gold can be exchanged for real cash, at a fixed rate.  
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Production Upgrade Guide--For Beginners
written by 7 years ago by ZeRRycH from Philippines
This is just a short overview of the most important buildings in the game..... THE PRODUCTION BUILDINGS.

By this time.. I\'m sure you already finished the tutorial given by the game itself. It let you build a house near the townhall and a market next to it. It also gave you the experience to upgrade roads and production building using gold..


Lets get straight to the point..


So what are these production buildings.. These are the buildings that provides your resources.


There are 6 kinds of production buildings.

1) Vegetable Farm - produces vegetables (obviously)

2) Animal Farm - produces meat

3) Wood Factory - produces wood (LoL, this is so obvious i dont know why i still write this)

4) Stone Quarry - produces stone (I\'m laughing right now... haha)

5) Blacksmith - (produces blacksmith.. kidding..) produces iron :)

6) Claypit - produces clay



Resources are needed in almost anything you do in Goldenstown. Either Upgrade buildings, demolish buildings, create new building, and other actions.


For my main point.... You should consider upgrading these production buildings ASAP!!! This will be your bread and butter to produce gold :)))


Wondering what to upgrade first?? Then here is the answer. This should be order.

1) Vegetable Farm - This should be the first to be upgraded because it does not need any other resources to produce vegetables.. just time.

2) Animal Farm - This is the next because it just needs vegetable and time to produce meat.

3) Wood Factory - Because it only needs vegetable, meat, and time to produce wood.

4) Stone Quarry - Needs vegetable, meat, wood, and time to make stone.

5) Blacksmith - Needs vegetable, meat, wood, stone, and time to make iron.

6) Claypit - I bet you know already.


So, you should upgrade in this manner to avoid bankruptcy!!!! This is based on experience so please listen... Dont just upgrade randomly... like what I did. hehe.. You will regret it so much so please take my friendly advice.


Thank You... and GOODLUCK!!!

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