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  This is an article / section of Goldentowns, a town construction, political and military simulator in wich virtual gold can be exchanged for real cash, at a fixed rate.  
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a new tutorial , for you ,
written by 7 years ago by vladoo from Romania
Hellow players , come here and read one new article !

If you want to build more and more you have to buy energy ore to make economy

The first thing you should do in my opinion is to start with the production of wood, stone, vegetables and food. Iron and clay is not needed in the beginning of the game.

Start upgrading the road between the City Hall and the lower right corner of your town.

When the three first section of road is done you can start building a market right below the middle bottom house . This will allow the three bottom houses to be able to upgrade to level 2 and increase your happiness level a bit. Read about why happiness is important in this game .

Houses are the only buildings that can be upgraded to level 10.

Without free houses, you cant recruit new citizens. Every citizen needs a house to live in. The houses accomodate up to 20 citizens at a time, depending on the level. If you want to find the house capacity multiply the level with 2. 

The houses are very important for an other indicator called happiness.

The happiness is calculated with formula:

 H=(Houses sum of levels)*10/(House Number)

Let\'s say you have one Q2 houses, one Q6houses and one Q10 house. The sum of houses levels is 2+6+10=18. The house number is 3. 



Main idea is simple. Every new player get a town. You can register in any country you like. There are more than 200 servers for each country. And there\'s one interesting moment. You can register in as many countries, as you want. Most important thing is that you can have 1 town per 1 country, not more. For example, you can register in Brazil, Portugal and Spain. And you can play in all three countries.

When you get your town, you need to slowly upgrade it and make it even bigger. There\'s 6 main resources your town will produce - Vegetables, Meat, Wood, Iron, Stone and Clay. All those resources will be needed to feed your workers, build roads and new buildings. It can take some time, while your city will become strong enough to feed itself and also sell some resources in market.

Overall, idea of Cashtowns is really attractive and it can be a productive passive income for every player, especially if you are investing some money in shares and army. They you can conquer other cities&countries and get some really good bonuses. You can build your army of referrals and they will give some extra income every day! So it\'s all about the patience, time and investments you will make.

When you start to upgrade houses you can start producing unskilled workers in your City hall. Do this every time you get the chance because you will need more citizens to move forward. 


When all three houses are upgraded you will have to build a . school  With the school you can train police officers which should be your next goal. Read more about the school and how to use it here


At this point you should also start thinking about upgrading your initial production buildings as well because you need those extra resources. 

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