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  This is an article / section of Goldentowns, a town construction, political and military simulator in wich virtual gold can be exchanged for real cash, at a fixed rate.  
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Play Goldentowns from your smartphone/tablet
written by 7 years ago by gabriel88 from Romania
Solving the problem with the map for users with android smartphones/tablet

As you might observe , the game takes  major proportions, in the last days being created over 500 accounts and , probably, there are more to come in the next days.

The lack of time will determine many of us to play the game outside our houses,on our smartphones or tablet computers.

Even though everything functions as it has to, android users will see that they will be able to upgrade only a segment of the map, the other side being inaccessible.

The problem, though, for a hypothetic Flash plugin that renders pages within web pages ( as on traditional desktop browsers) , is how to tell whether a tap-and-drag within a Flash element is supposed to scroll the entire web page or be passed as a mouse movement event to the Flash element.

It can\'t do both, and it can\'t read the user\'s mind.This is a potential issue, is one not isolated to Flash content( scrolling textareas have similar issues on a touch device).

When the page is loaded the Flash content is embedded within the HTML.Il all of the web page content cannot fit on the screen and if the user swipes/ drags their finger(including over the Flash content), it will scroll the page.

To get over this problem I reccomend you to purchase a special android mouse, that connects with the smartphone/tablet through bluetooth.The price of one of these gadgets being around 10-40$,I consider it a small investment, taking into account the future possible profit.

I would be interested in hearing any other suggestion on how this particular interaction could be made better( for Flash and HTML content).Again though, this is just as much a potential HTML issue, as it is a potential Flash issue, so think about solutions in that context.

























































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