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  This is an article / section of Goldentowns, a town construction, political and military simulator in wich virtual gold can be exchanged for real cash, at a fixed rate.  
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Facilities Management
written by 8 years ago by lalyvaly from Romania
Buildings are divided into 3 categories. Buildings that support production, services and for military buildings. All buildings have a few common elements such as the number of levels, employees or degradation. In this chapter we will discuss the common elements of buildings and we will make a detailed presentation of each building.

CONSTRUCTION OF BUILDINGS:   Buildings can be placed on any open piece of land. A free patch is a clean patch that is linked through a hall way. Every building needs to be connected by a road to the town hall. Buildings require senior-level roads.Going to build a building on the first page, click on a piece of vacant land. Dialog will be displayed below to choose the type of building you want to build it.There are 5 types of constructions that can be done: roads or intersections, production buildings, essential services buildings, luxury buildings services and for military buildings. You can use the left menu to select the type of building dialogue. Construction of buildings require wood. Improving buildings require up to 4 resources. The construction is done in 3 or 6 hours depending on the building. To start a production process you need to get a free laborer to perform construction. A voluntary worker means a worker who is involved in another production process and is not employed.                                                                                THE BUILDING PROCESS:  Once started a process of construction, it can be done faster in two ways. By hiring more workers or pay a fee of one gold. To hire more workers, click on your house is under construction. Menu will be presented below.On the left are presented free workers and on the right are shown those already employed in the construction process. You can hire up to 9 workers.  Select workers who want to engage and press the middle button to move workers in the construction process. Depending on the number of workers during construction may decrease significantly.You can also immediately conclude construction process ends immediately pressing. For this service you pay 1 gold.                                                                                              ADMINISTRATION BUILDING:   Once constructed building should be administered. Buildings have common characteristics that we the talk on these lines.                                                          DEGRADATION AND RENOVATING BUILDING:     Any building degrades rate of 5% / day. After 20 days the building will collapse if it is not restored. By renocare degree of degradation is reduced to 0.To renovate a building open dialogue by clicking on the image below patch building. In the bottom left is button renovation. Renovation process consumes resources and time by building and degree of degradation.The degree of degradation of the building is greater the greater the amount of resources and time needed renovations. Formula which is the amount of resource and time is next C = D * CI C = Cost renovationD = the degree of degradation in percentCI = amount of resources needed to improve a building at current levels. Suppose a building cost 100 wood, 200 stone and 50 iron to be upgraded to level 3, and the time the improvement was 24 hours. If its degree of degradation is 50% when the renovation will require 50 wood, 25 stone and 100 iron and will be completed in 12 hours.Only buildings with a higher degree of degradation of 25% may be refurbished. The collapse of buildings and ruinsIf a building collapses, on the map, its image will display a ruin. Ruins Land recuratarea require. Avoid as much as possible because the higher level buildings collapse leads to loss of resources allocated for improvement.After cleaning of ruins will result in a lot of vacant land on which to build the new building.                                                                                                                               DEMOLITION BULDINGS:   When a building is no longer needed, it can be demolished. Demolition costs and time are equal to the cost of construction. Demolition processes can be completed immediately paying gold or can be shortened by hiring more workers. InfluenceTo improve some buildings, they must be under the influence of other buildings. The zone of influence is actually a circle around the building. Patches for land in the circle is under the influence.The zone of influence increases with the building. A four-level building will have an area of influence almost 4 times higher than a building level 1.If a building loses the necessary influence, after being upgraded, will not be given. It is important to regularly audit the influential buildings that house.                                                                                                               

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