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  This is an article / section of Goldentowns, a town construction, political and military simulator in wich virtual gold can be exchanged for real cash, at a fixed rate.  
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Your city not showing up? This might help
written by 7 years ago by Crowns from Indonesia
This article is not about how to make gold faster, rather just a brief explanation about how to fix the common error of the game

When I first login to this game, the HOME page is white blank instead of showing up my city. At first I thought that my internet connection is the problem, but then I realized that my internet connection works fine.

So what cause this problem? After a few tries, I managed to enter my city and meet this beautiful Maria (the gorgeous lady who tutors you when you first enter your city). These is my tricks :

1. The easiest one is login with different browser. Firefox seems to load flash better than Chrome (just my opinion).

2. Upgrade your flash player to the latest version. First time I login, my flash player was version10. Then I upgraded it to version and voila! there comes my city on the screen :) If you don\'t know what version your flash player is, just go to

3. Installing the latest browser might also help. I installed the Torch web browser and it automatically comes with the latest flash player.

4. And whenever you se the message ERRID_ERR_SESSION_EXPIRED, just go to the goldentowns homepage and login again.                                                                                                                           


That\'s all I can help. If the problem persists, just contact the administrator team :) I\'m sure they are working hard to make this game better.                                                                            


















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