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  This is an article / section of Goldentowns, a town construction, political and military simulator in wich virtual gold can be exchanged for real cash, at a fixed rate.  
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Begginers tutorial!
written by 7 years ago by Joca97 from Serbia
begginers tutorial about the game it self and some tutorials for new players that want to learn something!...................

Hello to everyone


in this paper will explain how and what works in the game!

for starters you have a plain tutorial of the game which introduces you to how the game is going and how to control the flow of the game

zapocetak you think this game is a pain in the ass she can not pay you, and everything is a lie and this gold and Scam

epic this game is not made ​​of AnnoLabs that is already in your game anno1777 paid over 330000 euros, and how to get money out of the game and how we can get them out, in this game you can draw in 2 ways! through games and get real gold by mail or sell gold online a player in a Euro!


Let\'s get down to the game!

When you go into a game and you have Primetice Raw buildings (wood, iron, brick, stone, vegetables and meat)

On the other hand you have a house in which residents of your town living

1 RAW you need to build buildings (administrative, house, and I lift raw and street course)

2 The residents of the house you live and the people you can make by the municipality (city hall) make man in 10 vegetables and 15 mesa.ljudi you need to build roads, buildings, houses ... so people are the most important and to keep them you have a house!

3 Do not make the mistake will not make raw buildings and houses in the empty fields and than take the normal upgrade!

4 administrative needed to upgrade houses, warehouses, and cemeteries!

5 always make administrative building next to your house and you have the instructions on the homes you press and questionnaire, which allows the administrative building needed to raise the level of the house to the next!, and how much resources.

6 market you serve for exchanging resources

7th war for state or to win other people\'s cities and to get their taxes from them in resources and gold!


It\'s a little brief info that will provide you a nice start and to learn to play and earn money

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