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  This is an article / section of Goldentowns, a town construction, political and military simulator in wich virtual gold can be exchanged for real cash, at a fixed rate.  
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for new user
written by 7 years ago by licalau from Indonesia
this is for new user game, who need help for play the game

hello newbie.... need help for play the game ..... well in this time i want share to you how to play this game....


before you play game .... you must complete the tutotial game and after that you can play the game with your style...


in this game we build our town and made big town and don\'t forget we can war and join to politics, but first you must know how to build, upgrade, minning gold and ect....


First  upgrade your road because if you want upgrade all of your building... and make way to your town center / city hall and for new user upgrade road one by one.....

Upgrade your house for make big population.... because u need many worker for your town for upgrade house you must done make a way to town center / city hall... if don\'t you can\'t upgrade house....


Upgrade too your Farm, wood Factory, blacksmit, stone pit and ect for get much item because you need item for everything work you do and you can trade your item for any item your want at market...


Market is the place for trade, sell or buy item, worker or ect... but for now you just can trade item and if you want sell item you need make your happines 60%


For everything job you do, you must spend energy... energy always restore in 1 hour for 1 energy... if you need more energy, you can buy it... just click on energy .


This is very important ...Build Gold Mine if you wanna have gold.... in this mine you can minning gold,  you need gold for any transaction and for the real money......


Happines can be up if you upgrade your House and Build Market near your House, you can see your happines grow up, grow to 60% if you want sell item for gold or ect......


Always check how many hour you need to produce item or build .... if there 3 hours so you need to back in this game after 3 hours, always read article if you need more help....

Look at your inventory and you can see how many item you have.... oh yeach  don\'t make your meat to zero.


For new user just focus to upgrade house, wood factory, road, farm, ect......and build Gold mine... don\'t Build any Factory /company  Building in this moment, just focus what you must to du..


If there have an error..... please refresh your browser...well hope can help you and don\'t forget to read another article for get information....


nice can help you, lets success together.....see yaa




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