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  This is an article / section of Goldentowns, a town construction, political and military simulator in wich virtual gold can be exchanged for real cash, at a fixed rate.  
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Make your town PROFITABLE!
written by 8 years ago by valconesia from Indonesia
With this article, let\'s make our town more profitable!!!

Hellow players of this game , read this for more and more details !

 Learn why its important to develop the houses and to improve their level (really important after war module starts, mainly because of Happiness). So let\'s talk about houses

 Why are houses so  important in this game ?

 Without houses you can not recruit new unskilled workers to work on your town and upgrade your buildings. Pay close attention to your Accomodation Levels, so you are sure you are never full. Each house keeps 2 workers (on level 1) and they can be upgraded till level 10, where they accomodate up to 20 citizens of your town.

Each case you choose you have to know this advices and rules .

If you don\'t know what means werhouse in Cashtowns  you can read carefully this article for more details .

Warehouse is where you keep your resources (the ones you produce in your town or the ones you purchase in Market). Warehouses can be from Level 1 to Level 5 (Q1 to Q5), and their level increases the amount of resources that can be stored on your town.

You can have more than one WareHouse, each LVL1 warehouse increases storage by 100 in each resource, or you can upgrade your warehouse to increase the storage.

Example: Algeria attacks Greece and Austria. Romania attacks and conquers Greece, Austria becomes free. So Algeria looses both Greece and Austria :(.

If your country is conquered, the attacker gets all your countries. To keep with the same example, if Romania attacks Algeria, Serbia gets Algeria, Austria and Greece. So the more countries you conquer, the bigger target you get. So caution is advised.

A lot of players have complaints about the game rules but they didn\'t know how difficult is to  keep this game up .They  didn\'t realise that the new way of paymant (per citizens and level is better then  selling resources).Even for they\'re towns spending less resources means  making the town bigger in a short time. For most players the new changes means no gain but they didn\'t  realise that the resources price was growing up . They are thinking only for moneym but remember :This is not  only a money game .


Houses are the most important building in Cashowns. If you do not upgrade them hence your town won\'t grow. What are houses for? Simple, houses are the place where your new citizens going to stay.

 However, to upgrade your warehouse to higher levels, you dont need only an upgraded road to the level you want the warehouse. Your warehouse must also be under the influence area of several buildings to be able to achieve the max level (Level 5).

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