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  This is an article / section of Goldentowns, a town construction, political and military simulator in wich virtual gold can be exchanged for real cash, at a fixed rate.  
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Yout gold is increasing in value every second!
written by 7 years ago by Grinder from Romania
We all know gold is the most valuable resource in the game, but do we know that it\'s ever-increasing in value and how fast?

      Perhaps the most intriguing and important innovation of this game is the fact that all the virtual currency is covered by a real gold guarantee. In this article I will explain how this works and how it benefits us, the players.


      As the company that owns the game makes more profit from it, the guaranteed real gold reserve increases, but the amount of virtual gold in the game always remains the same - 100,000. So the 100,000 virtual gold will always buy the entire real gold reserve, and from here we can see how the price for a gram of real gold is calculated: 100,000 divided by grams of real gold in the reserve.


      The current gold reserve is about 86.543 grams, so we can calculate 100,000 / 86.543 = 1155, roughly. This is the price at the time of writing.Just hours before writing this article, the price for a gram of gold was 1160 virtual gold, so you can see just how fast the value of your virtual gold is increasing!


      Now let\'s suppose the gold reserve reaches 1 kilogram sometime in the future, when the game will be highly populated and profitable - that would make the price 100,000 / 1000 grams = 100 virtual gold for a gram of real gold - and think how much you will be able to get for your virtual gold at the market then, if it\'s already as valuable as 1.55-3 euros per gold piece!


      Clearly, selling gold to other players is still the much more profitable option, but it\'s always very comforting  to know that your virtual goods have an equivalent in real life and that you can exchange them at any time, and that\'s exactly one of the factors that makes hundreds of new players join the game on a daily basis, apart from everything else that makes Goldentowns such a great game.


      If you don’t yet know how to extract gold and what the requirements are, you can find all the related information here, directly from the game developers: Link


      I hope you found this article informative.Now go and have fun for real cash,only in Goldentowns!

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